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This stride rite study asserts our brand authority on the proper footwear for developing feet. The multi-phase study, examined the effect of shoe design upon children who are learning to walk. This investigation was conducted by biomechanical engineers, physical therapists, and pediatric orthopedists at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York in conjunction with podiatric physicians and scientists from the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine(TUSPM) and the California College of Podiatric Medicine (CCPM). The purpose was to understand how footwear and its design can affect the gait, stability and foot pressure points throughout the different stages of learning to walk.

Four shoe designs in varying flexibility were assessed with the early walker population.

  • Children walked faster when barefoot and in the SRT Soft Motion shoe, suggesting they were more comfortable in these conditions. Stance time was shortest in barefoot which correlates with the faster walking speed. With the SRT Soft Motion shoes, the children had a faster walking speed, yet had shorter steps, resulting in less stumbles and falls overall.
  • Foot pressures were most similar to barefoot when the early walkers wore the SRT Soft Motion shoe which may provide the child increased proprioception and stability.

In summary the study found that when children wore shoes with rounded edges and a flexible thin outsole they walked faster, had shorter steps, and has more equal pressure throughout the foot. This resulted a closer to barefoot experience for children with in less stumbles and falls, increased proprioception and stability when learning to walk. This study articulates our scientifically tested, everyday proven positioning. stride rite is the rite solution for every S.T.E.P.

for Healthy Feet

Stride Rite has devoted over 90 years of research and experience to bring tested and proven technology to our baby, toddler, and kids shoes. Only stride rite has introduced a first walking shoe that is clinically proven to reduce the number of stumbles and falls when learning to walk. So whether your baby is starting to cruise or is on the move, stride rite is with you through every step.

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